Persevering in Your Church and Ministry 2016 (mp3 Disc)

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Faithful Shepherd Pastors Retreat 2016
Pastors and church leaders are faithful shepherds of God??s ?ock. However, here are important issues that each should consider in their labors. The messages from the 2016 Faithful Shepherd Pastors Retreat address the pastor??s personal reading of Scripture, self care, practice of Christ-like leadership, and the task of reaching his community with the gospel. The 6 messages of Persevering in Your Church and Ministry 2016 include: ?? ??The Pastor Reads Scripture?? by Daniel Doriani ?? ??Band of Brothers?? by Daniel Doriani ?? ??Remember the Inner Dynamic of Ministry?? by David Powlison ?? ??Remember the Perennial Constituents of ??Prayer and Ministry of the Word???? by David Powlison ?? ??A Pastor??s Self Care: Friends and Mentors?? by Daniel Doriani ?? ??A Pastor??s Self Care: Rest, Exercise, and Play?? by Daniel Doriani 6 mp3 files on 1 CD