Persevering in Your Church and Ministry 2017 (CD Set)

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Faithful Shepherd Pastors Retreat 2017
Pastors and church leaders are faithful shepherds of God??s ?ock. However, there are important issues that each should consider in their labors. The messages from the 2017 Faithful Shepherd Pastors?? Retreat address the ministry towards youth, young adults, and women, the danger of the ??celebrity pastor,?? and encouragement for struggling pastors. The 5 message of Persevering in Your Church and Ministry 2017 include: ?? ??In the World but Not of It: The Unique Dangers of Our Technological Age?? by Carl Trueman ?? ??Word-centered Youth Ministry: Why and How??? by Jon Nielson ?? ??Equipping All Women in the Household of God?? by Aimee Byrd ?? ??Hope for the Suffering Pastor: Themes from 2 Corinthians?? by Todd Pruitt ?? ??College and Career Ministry: A Strategic Season?? by Jon Nielson 5 messages on 5 CDs