Parables of the Kingdom (CD Set)

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James Boice

Parables of the Kingdom
Jesus used the parables to teach His disciples great spiritual truths. The parables offer us compelling, real-life situations that break through to our hearts and make us ask whether there has been any real difference in our lives. And we see what it means to live for the Kingdom of God instead of our own kingdoms. This series will challenge you with questions like:

• Is your life so full of thorns that your spiritual life is strangled?

• Are you willing to sacrifice in order to follow Jesus?

• Do you know what to expect on the Day of Judgment?

(4 messages on 2 CDs)

James Boice’s Bible teaching continues on The Bible Study Hour broadcast, preparing you to think and act biblically. Dr. Boice was regarded as a leading evangelical statesman in the United States and around the world as he served as president of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. His fifty-plus books include an award-winning, four-volume series on Romans. The Bible Study Hour is always available at