Parables of Judgement (CD Set)

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James Boice

Parables of Judgement
There are nice stories, and there are more difficult stories. Some of Jesus’ stories leave us feeling thoughtful and calm; but His parables on judgment often leave us feeling confused and upset. We don’t want to find ourselves on the wrong end of the story – especially when it comes to having the kingdom of God taken away. When Jesus tells a story about two different kinds of people we can quickly distinguish who is good from who is evil. But then comes the time when we learn which group we fit into. The chief priests and Pharisees often found themselves on the side of evil. Where do you fall in Jesus’ parables? These Parables give us a vivid picture of heaven and hell – as well as a warning to our own souls. As you listen, you’ll learn some solid lessons about following Christ, and about sharing the gospel with those around you.

(4 messages on 2 CDs)

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