On Reforming Worship (Paperback)

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David Hall & Jonathan Master


On Reforming Worship contains reflections on biblical worship from a group of scholars, professors, and pastors, who regularly present their work at the Reformation Worship Conference. This anthology contains some of the finest thought on how worship should be improved and shaped.

Pages: 274
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Topic: The Church, Worship
Table of Contents:

Foreword: Does It Matter How We Worship God? (Ian Hamilton)

  1. Worship That Is Holy and Catholic (Terry Johnson)
  2. Biblical Theology and the "House of Prayer" in Worship (David T. Gordon)
  3. The Regulative Principle (Steve Lawson)
  4. What and Why of Good Preaching (W. Robert Godfrey)
  5. Calvin: Pioneer or Pinnacle of Expository Preaching (David Hall)
  6. Truthfulness or Trendiness in Ministry and Worship (Carl Trueman)
  7. Reforming Worship: Mistakes to Avoid (Terry Johnson)
  8. Assurance and the Means of Grace (Jonathan Master)
  9. The Public Reading of Scripture: A Biblical Model for the Lord's Day (Glen Cary)
  10. Helping Churches Grow in Congregational Praise (T. David Gordon)
  11. Recovering Pastoral Piety (David Strain)
  12. Tips and Pitfalls of Preaching (Carl Trueman)
  13. Experiencing, then Preaching, the Psalms (Neil Stewart)
  14. Prayer: One Special Part of Religious Worship (Mark Ross)


“Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us that God seeks true worshipers, those who worship him in spirit and truth (Jn. 4:23). But what does that mean? In this collection of essays, experienced pastors and theologians lead us in ‘the old paths,’ the ‘good way’ of God’s Word (Jer. 6:16), that unveils the beauty of glorifying our worthy Triune God in all of our worship.”

—Joel R. Beeke | Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“In a time when many Christians are wanting something more biblical and historic than the rather chaotic approaches to worship which have characterized much of the last 50 years, the Reformation Worship Conference is a godsend—an opportunity both to reflect on what Christian worship really is and to take part in worship services which embody it.”  

—Carl R. Trueman | Grove City College

“For the magisterial Reformers, the Reformation was supremely about the recovery of the true worship of God. Should it not be for us, as well? Getting worship ‘right’ was for Calvin the first need of Christ’s flock. We are saved to worship God, now and eternally, with our present public worship being a foretaste of the heavenly worship that awaits us.”

—Ian Hamilton (from the Foreword)

The Authors

David Hall is the Sr. Pastor of Midway Presbyterian Church (PCA) in suburban Atlanta and the Host for the annual Reformation Worship Conferences, where these essays originated. He is married to Ann, the father of 3 and the grandfather of 7. He has authored several books on ministry, history, and theology.

Jonathan Master is Dean of the School of Divinity and Professor of Theology at Cairn University. He also serves as Editorial Director of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and is the editor of The God We Worship: Adoring the One Who Pursues, Redeems, and Changes His People.