Celebrating The Reformation And Worship - Workshops (mp3 Disc)

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Reformation Worship Conference 2017
16 MP3 messages on 1 CD
Reformation, Prayer, Worship, Church, Preaching, Spirituality

The annual Reformation Worship Conference is designed for all Christians and ministry leaders. Many will assemble for a rich weekend of biblical instruction, encouragement, and modeling of robust, reformed worship. This set comprises the 16 workshops.
The Reformation Worship Conference exists to encourage the church to remember her Reformation heritage, particularly as it concerns biblical, God-centered worship. The annual conference will seek to draw gifted scholars and pastors who are able to lead pastors, elders, seminarians, music directors/musicians, and congregants to a fuller understanding of the theology and practice of Reformed worship. The three day conference will include multiple lectures and seminars during the day and worship services in the evenings, providing a faithful expression during the day and model of Reformed worship for all who attend. Our prayer is that this annual conference will serve as a catalyst to bring our churches back to their Reformed roots in worship, where Reformed theology informs Lord’s Day worship, and is not divorced from it.

Message List:

  • "How the Reformers Reformed Preaching: Still Needed?" by Steve Lawson
  • "Learning about Reforming Worship from the Anglican Reformation" by Carl Trueman
  • "Reformation of Ministry in Geneva" by Scott Manetsch
  • "Measuring Today's Worship by the Past" by David Gordon
  • "The Reformation of the Sabbath Service" by Terry Johnson
  • "The Reformation, Scripture, and Preaching" by David Gordon
  • "Older, Rested, and Still Reforming" by Tim Challies
  • "How Reformation Patterns Can Help Your Worship " by Terry Johnson
  • "Time to End the Reformation? " by Robert Godfrey
  • "Would (and Why?) Calvin or Knox Fill Churches Today? " by Steve Lawson
  • "Reformation and True Spirituality" by Neil Stewart
  • "Understanding History: In the Grip of Tender Omnipotence" by Neil Stewart
  • "Westminster and the Reformation of Worship" by Chad Van Dixhoorn 
  • "The Reformation of Prayer" by Mark Ross
  • "Teaching the Next Gen About the Reformation Gen" by Tim Challies
  • "Reformation Trivia...That is not Trivia!" by Robert Godfrey


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