Heart of the Cross, Volume 3: The Message of the Cross (mp3 Download Set)

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Philip Ryken

Jesus’ words and work on the cross carry a message for each of us: a message of eternal life offered up freely, of a perfect love with no end, of a glorious hope attained at great cost, and of a divine power that exists beyond the limitations of all flesh. These messages probe Christ’s last earthly words and the biblical writers’ words about the cross to reveal not only the meaning of Calvary but the heart of God. They will also give you a richer understanding of the amazing love that drove Jesus to the cross, conquering the powers of hell once and for all.

The Heart of the Cross: The Message of the Cross includes 6 messages:
• The Necessity of the Cross
• The Offense of the Cross
• The Peace of the Cross
• The Power of the Cross
• The Triumph of the Cross
• The Boast of the Cross

(6 mp3 downloads)