Christmas Messages (mp3 Download Set)

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Donald Barnhouse

The Christmas season, like no other time of the year, inspires the hearts of believers around the world to burst forth with praise, love, adoration, and good will. The good news is that Jesus, the Word made flesh, dwelt among us. In this series of Christmas messages, Dr. Barnhouse challenges us to be the Word made flesh in our offices, in our schools, and in every aspect of our lives, and to follow the example of Christ and give the greatest gift you can: yourself and your love. What is the source of our love for Jesus and for others? The love Jesus has for us. During the Christmas season, let's look at a time when Love came down from heaven, and examine how that love continues to change lives today.

4 mp3 downloads

• “When Love Came Down”
• “Christmas Contrasts”
• “Peace on Earth: A Farce or Force”
• “The Christmas Names of God”