Fathers, Sons, and Daughters (mp3 Disc)

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Our greatest need is to have God as our Father in Christ. But earthly fathers are vitally important, too! And while Christians are all children of God, we are members of earthly families as sons and daughters as well. These messages explore the biblical teaching on family, fatherhood, gender relations, and Christian manhood and womanhood. These are vital issues requiring clarity in the church and posing opportunities for a Christian witness to the world. Join us as we consider how being children of the heavenly Father shapes our family relationships here on earth.

Messages in Fathers, Sons, and Daughters include:
• “In God’s Image: Male and Female” by Richard Phillips
• “Fathers and Fatherhood” by Joel Beeke
• “Sons of God: The Masculine Mandate” by Richard Phillips
• “Daughters of Zion: The Feminine Design” by Richard Phillips

(4 mp3 files on 1 CD)