City on a Hill (Paperback)

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Philip Ryken
Moody Publishers

The church today stands at a crossroads.  How will we fulfill Christ's calling to be a "City Set on A Hill?"  Many sincere and dedicated Christians point to the path of relevance as a means for enjoying a post-Christian witness.  They want to explore new ways of "doing church" - ways that focus on seekers' needs, that appeal to today's entertainment-saturated audiences, and don't make church "too hard."  Philip Ryken, however, sees danger ahead.  Rather than confronting the relativistic and narcissistic mind-set of our world, this may very well accommodate it. In this book, he asserts that the church needs to walk a different path . . . a biblical path that leads to exalting God and Him alone. . . . When the church does what it was called to do, it will give the world what it needs most - the life-giving message that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord.