Richard Phillips

  • Faith Victorious (mp3 download Set)

    Faith Victorious (mp3 download Set)

    The Apostle Paul said, “whatever is not faith is sin.” For many, faith is just a mystical leap into the dark. True faith, however, is not blind trust, wishful thinking, or a positive attitude. No, it’s an understanding of things hoped...
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  • Chosen in Christ (mp3 download Set)

    Chosen in Christ (mp3 download Set)

    Paul writes to the Ephesians with encouraging words. He is interested in communicating to us who we are in Christ. God’s plan for salvation started well before Jesus ever came to earth. Through Christ’s death, He predestined us to be His sons...
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  • Encounters with Jesus (mp3 download set)

    Encounters with Jesus (mp3 download set)

    How do you suppose people would treat Jesus if they approached Him today? Would it be with the praise and adoration deserving of the Son of God? Or would He be met with the response so many in today’s culture already give Him, disdain as a simple...
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    Jonah  (mp3 download Set)

    Jonah  (mp3 download Set)

    We all run away from God at some time, but He will never let us get away! Because He loves us, God goes to extremes to turn us around and get us back on the right path. No one knew this better than Jonah. Jonah’s story teaches us that God's plans...
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  • Zechariah (Phillips)(mp3 Disc Set)

    Zechariah (Phillips)(mp3 Disc Set)

    The Book of Zechariah records the prophetic message of Zechariah to the community that had returned to Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile and was charged with rebuilding the temple and city. The physical return was meant to prompt a...
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  • Walking with God (mp3 Disc)

    Walking with God (mp3 Disc)

    There is a way of blessing for those who trust God, know Him, and walk with Him as their Lord. Understanding how we walk with the Lord is often a difficult task. We are prone to stray from God and His Word to choose the wants and desires of this world...
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  • Spiritual Warfare (mp3 Disc)

    Spiritual Warfare (mp3 Disc)

    The Bible tells us that spiritual warfare is very real. Do you take spiritual warfare seriously? Are you equipped to face it or does it catch you off guard?  Christians need to be prepared to face the trials, temptations, doubts, and...
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