Zeal for Godliness (Hardcover)

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Derek Thomas & Carlton Wynne
Evangelical Press

Following Calvin's intent with the Institutes, this book displays the coherence, trustworthiness, and glory of biblical truth for all ages. These readings hope to awaken readers to the relevance of Calvin's theology, humble them by the depth of Calvin's insights, and challenge them in their progress in the Christian life. Most of all, it is hoped that this work will stir within readers a desire to follow Calvin as he followed Christ into a deeper, Bible-saturated devotion for the triune God.

The one page readings contained in this book are adapted from the 2009 "Blogging Through the Institutes" project hosted by reformation21.org, an online magazine of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

Pages: 270
Publication Date:
 Calvin, Theology

 Table of Contents:

Book One: The Knowledge of God the Creator
Book Two: The Knowledge of God the Redeemer in Christ
Book Three: The Way in Which We Receive the Grace of Christ
Book Four: The Society of Christ


Carl Trueman, Ligon Duncan, Guy Waters, Stephen Nichols, Philip Ryken, Carlton Wynne, Richard Phillips, Iain Campbell, Sinclair Ferguson, Paul Helm, Justin Taylor, Sean Lucas and Derek Thomas


"John Calvin's Institutes easily stands as the greatest work by the greatest theologian of the Church. Outside of the Bible itself, this magnum opus remains to this day the finest masterpiece of Christian literature ever written. Zeal for Godliness is a collection of some of the finest minds in the Reformed world who write to make Calvin's work, the tour de force of the Reformation, more accessible to the modern reader with eye-opening explanations and life-changing applications." —Steven J. Lawson, Senior Pastor, Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, Mobile, Alabama

"The heritage of the Reformation is not only a belief that both heart and mind matter, but that heart and mind are connected. This wonderful devotional book on Calvin's Institutes shows how true that belief really is. These rich insights from Calvin will change the way you think and the way you live." — Michael Kruger - RTS

"Calvin's Institutes is delicious steak for the soul. Far from being ivory-tower theology, Calvin wrote to nourish the heart in godliness or piety. Zeal for Godliness cuts our meat for us into small, bite-sized pieces. Each brief devotion, linked to a specific section of the Institutes, was written by a man who has marinated his mind in Calvin's biblical teachings. Whether you read this as a stand-alone devotional, or an accompaniment to reading through Calvin's book, you will find these thoughts to be like the fragrant odors rising from a summer grill-attractive and appetizing." — Joel R. Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan