This We Believe (mp3 Disc)

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Gaithersburg Community Church Conference 2003

This We Believe!
The Gospel of the Diety of Christ
In the postmodern age that we live in, with inclusivism on the rise and even
open theism being accepted within evangelical groups the true Gospel is being
undermined. These messages from the 2003 Gaithersburg Community
Church (EFC) Conference challenge listeners to not only declare the Gospel
but also to defend it.

The 10 messages of This We Believe! include:
• “False Prophets Among Us” by Duane Magnan
• “Different Attributes, Different God?” by McGregor Wright
• “How Inclusivim Excludes Christ” by John Nunes
• “Is Jesus the Only Savior?” by Ronald Nash
• “No Other Name” by R.C. Sproul
• “Let God be True” by John Frame
• “Jesus is Better! The Supremacy of Jesus in Hebrews” by Greg Strand
• “The Downgrade Trend in the Doctine of Inclusivism” by Robert Reymond
• “Cultural Pluralism vs. Religious Pluralism” by Kenneth Jones
• “Atlas Shrugged: Worshipping God in the Beauty of Holiness” by R.C. Sproul

(10 mp3 files on 1 CD)