Theology, Confessions, & Reform (Booklet)

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"No creed but Christ!" So say some, unaware that the statement is itself a creed. The truth is that everyone is a theologian—whether they realize it or not—and as such must take care to do their theology well. In this booklet, five professional theologians discuss how the Church can express her faith in clear, biblical, and tested ways, avoiding the pitfalls of aberrant theology.

Pages: 40
Publication Date: July 2018
Topic: Church History, Creeds and Confessions, Reformed Theology, 

Table of Contents: 
1. What Is Theology About? Donald McLeod 
2. The Rise of Liberal Religion by Andrew Hoffecker 
3. Confessional Evangelicalism: a Change of Mind (Probably) by Carl Trueman 
4. What Luther Says to This Confessional Age by Carl Trueman 
5. The Westminster Confession for Today Chad Van Dixhoorn 
6. Semper Reformanda, Numquam Reformata Aaron Denlinger