The Word: Getting it Right, Getting it Out - Seminars (mp3 Disc)

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National Pastors Conference 2002

The Word:
Getting it Right, Getting it Out
Where can I find biblical Sunday school curriculum? How can Scripture and
theology influence our church music program? How can I lead my church in
evangelism in our community?
This series from the 2002 National Pastors Conference will assist pastors
and church officers, as well as Sunday school teachers, catechists, and other
Christian educators in their attempts to faithfully attend to the dual call to the
true worship of God and zealous outreach to those who have yet to hear the
liberating good news of Jesus Christ.

The 8 messages from The Word: Getting it Out, Getting it Right Seminars include:
• “Understanding Modernity and Post Modernity” by Gene Veith
• “Reforming Youth Ministry” by Mark Sumpter
• “Music 101: For Pastors” by Paul Jones
• “Theology 101: For Christian Musicians” by John Hannah
• “The Nature and Importance of Officer Training” by Ligon Duncan
• “Children of the Word: Why Our Words Matter” by Mark Talbot
• “Faithful and Relevant Pastoral Ministry” by Terry Johnson
• “Vital Signs: Marks of a Heathly Church” by Mark Dever

(8 mp3 files on 1 CD)