The Pattern of the Reformed Life: Part 1 - Birth, Growth, Service (CD)

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Glen Knecht

The Reformed life, rightly lived, tends to follow reliable patterns of growth and service. Speakers Paul Kooistra and Glen Knecht describe how God’s grace takes hold and transforms the believer.

This CD from Christian Living: A Reformed Perspective:

  • "The Pattern of the Reformed Life: Part 1 - Birth, Growth, Service" by Glen Knecht

Reformed Theology reaches beyond mere doctrine, extending into the worldview and lifestyle of every Christian. For more than 25 years, Westminster Presbyterian Church of Lancaster, PA hosted the Reformed Bible Conference, which—each year—centered on a different theme of interest, from the historical to the practical. With host pastor Michael Rogers providing the foundation, renowned and respected speakers from around the world gathered to provide timeless teaching and profound insight into the Reformed life.

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