The Love of Loves in the Song of Songs (Paperback)

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Philip Ryken

We live in a world where sexuality is ruined by sin, its beauty obscured by our brokenness. We need a divine vision for the way love was meant to be, with a gospel that offers forgiveness for sin and grace to live in the way that God has made us to be.

In the Song of Songs, we encounter a love story that is part of the greatest love story ever told. Philip Ryken walks through this biblical love poem verse by verse, reflecting on what the Bible says about God’s design for love, intimacy, and sexuality and offering insights into not only human relationships but also our relationship to God himself—learning more about the One who has loved us with an everlasting love.

Publication Date: January 2019

Topic: biblical love, poetry, wisdom literature

Pages: 208

Table of Contents:

Prologue: I Love You Always, Forever

1. You’re the One That I Want (Song 1:1–14)
2. Underneath the Apple Tree (Song 1:15–2:7)
3. I’m for You, and You’re for Me (Song 2:8–3:5)
4. Royal Wedding (Song 3:6–5:1)
5. Lovers’ Quarrel (Song 5:2–6:3)
6. The Duet after the Fight (Song 6:4–8:4)
7. Forever Yours (Song 8:5–14)

Epilogue: Happily Ever After
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