The Glory of the Resurrection (mp3 download Set)

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James Boice, Donald Barnhouse, Philip Ryken, and Richard Phillips

The Glory of The Resurrection

The story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ has been told and retold for 2000 years and yet, like the sunrise, it is always new and fresh.  Christ’s death and resurrection have great power — both for the unbeliever who is seeing Christ for the first time and for the lifelong Christian.  In The Glory of the Resurrection, we’ll look at the whole story — from Christ’s death on Good Friday to His resurrection on Easter Sunday.
When you believe in the resurrection, all of life takes on an entirely different view.  When you go back to the cross everything has changed.  Something marvelous happened on that first Easter morning — even mysterious.  Jesus Christ was victorious over death, His grave clothes fell off, the stone that sealed His tomb rolled away, and He came out.  He rose from the dead, and when He did, death was defeated for us.
Messages include:

•  Death by Philip Ryken

•  Come and See by Richard Phillips

•  The Resurrection of Jesus Christ by James Boice

•  The Glory of the Resurrection by Donald Barnhouse

(4 messages on 2 CDs)