The Comfort of the Church: God's Most Wise and Holy Providence (mp3 Download Set)

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Westminster Confession Into the 21st Century 2016

The Comfort of The Church
These messages on providence are intended to bring comfort to the Church. The topics addresses include the meaning of providence, the means by which it is delivered, the dilemma of evil, the mystery of providential suffering, and the protection the Lord gives the Church through providence.
The 5 messages of The Comfort of the Church: God’s Most Wise and Holy Providence include:

• “Does God Have Free Will? The Meaning of Providence” by George Scipione

• “How Can God Govern Over All Things? The Means of Providence” by Thomas Reid

• “He is not Lord over Evil, is He? The Dilemma of Providence” by Richard Gamble

• “Why Has This Happened to Me? The Mystery of Providence” by C.J. Williams

• “What Can the Church Expect? The Protection of Providence” by Barry York

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The Westminster Confession in the 21st Century is an annual international conference on the work of the Westminster Assembly hosted by the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA.