The Authority of Scripture (Booklet)

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Jeffrey Stivason

"[If] you believe that the Bible is a divinely-inspired document, then your approach to the Bible is going to be fundamentally different than to any other book on the face of the earth. That Book is going to have authority as the speech of God, authority in a way that no other book ever could." —Carl Trueman

The world is filled with authorities, each voice telling us how to live. Yet our Lord speaks, cutting through the noise and ringing "above all earthly powers." This booklet delves into the richness of biblical authority, a topic often misunderstood even in Christian circles. Carl Trueman, David Garner, and others attempt to set the record straight, outlining just what it means to stand under the awesome authority of God's Word.

Pages: 32
Publication Date: May 2017
Topic: Scripture, 

Table of Contents: 
1. Interview (with Carl Trueman)
2. Shepherding the Flock by Jeffrey Stivason
3. Authority and Tradition by Michael Matossian
4. Authority and Church Polity by Martin Blocki
5. Authority and Preaching by Tim Bertolet
6. The Sweetness of Biblical Authority by David Garner