Sent To Give Life (CD Set)

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Donald Barnhouse, James Boice, Richard Phillips, and Philip Ryken
4 messages on 2 CDs
Christmas, Gift, Life, Peace, Faith

Today, the world has painted quite the picture of what Christmas is to look like. Shopping, gift giving, food, and family! It has become the busiest time of the year. But this Christmas, stop to focus on the most wonderful gift that was ever given: Jesus Christ. In this CD set Philip Ryken, Donald Barnhouse, Richard Phillips, and James Boice take us to key Scripture passages that speak of God’s love for us in giving His Son. Even the wise men gave precious gifts, yet Jesus is the best gift ever given. This series will lift your spirits at this special time of Christmas and remind you of the real reason why we celebrate.

The 4 messages of Sent to Give Life include:
• “Sent to Give Life” by Philip Ryken
• “Peace on Earth: A Farce or Force” by Donald Barnhouse
• “The First Christmas Promise” by Richard Phillips
• “The Gifts of Faith” by James Boice

(4 messages on 2 CDs)