Redeemed! Redemption Accomplished (mp3 Disc)

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Redemption Accomplished
B.B. Warfield once called redeemed, Redeemer and redemption the “most
precious words” in the Christian’s spiritual vocabulary. These messages focus
on that very subject. You’ll hear addresses on foundational questions such as,
Why did Jesus have to die? For whom did Jesus die? and What is the amazing
power of Christ’s cross?
The 7 messages of Redeemed! Redemption Accomplished include:

• “The Necessity of the Atonement” by J.I. Packer
• “The Nature of the Atonement: Propitiation” by James Boice
• “The Nature of the Atonement: Reconciliation” by John deWitt
• “The Nature of the Atonement: Redemption” by Richard Lucas
• “The Perfection of the Atonement” by John deWitt
• “The Extent of the Atonement” by J.I. Packer
• “The Power of the Atonement” by Richard Lucas

(7 mp3 files on 1 CD)

The Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology
is the longest running national Reformed conference. It
was started in 1974 by Dr. James Boice. It exists to glorify
God through a rediscovery of the Church’s great doctrinal