My Portion Forever: Finding God's Joy in Our Pain (mp3 download Set)

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Dr. Donald Barnhouse, James Boice, Philip Ryken, Richard Phillips

Despite the fact that most of us live busy lives surrounded by many people, that doesn't diminish our tendency to become lonely or discouraged. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, we can feel forgotten. Maybe you're dissatisfied with your financial status or accumulation of material goods. It is easy to compare our lives, our possessions and our experiences with that of others. However, God can satisfy us more than any worldly goods or commendable social status ever could. This series tackles the discouragement of depression, by bringing hope from the Lord. He speaks of the wealth Christians have obtained through the glorious gift of God's Son. Everyone hurts and becomes discouraged, but the messages in this series can help you find the peace and joy that are available in Jesus, even in the loneliest times of our lives. Hear message from Donald Barnhouse, James Boice, Philip Ryken, and Richard Phillips on the joy of the Lord.

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