Living a Grace-Full Life (mp3 Download Set)

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Womens Conference 2015

Living a Grace-Full Life
When we see grace as more than a pleasant word and watch it morph into a pervasive biblical doctrine, we are ready to understand it as a lifestyle and as the overarching framework within which God relates to us. Tutored by the biblical tenets of grace, we begin to understand our worlds and our hearts differently; hopelessness and hope, dependence and strength, failure and purpose become pairs instead of opposites.

The 6 messages of Living a Grace-Full include:
• “Still Sinning After All These Years” by Barbara Duguid
• “Grace in Care-Giving” by Stephanie Hubach
• “Slip Sliding Away: Stages of Christian Growth” by Barbara Duguid
• “Grace in Loss, Grief, and Rebuilding” by Elizabeth Groves
• “Graceland: God’s Power and the Work of the Holy Spirit” by Barbara Duguid
• “Homeward Bound: Running Hard and Resting Well” by Barbara Duguid

(6 mp3 downloads)