In All Things Give Thanks (CD Set)

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Donald Barnhouse, James Boice, and Philip Ryken

What did Jesus have to be thankful for? He's the one who created the universe and ruled it all. When He came to earth, He gave up everything to live in poverty with an oppressed people. Yet every time Jesus sat down to eat His poor-man's food, He gave thanks. In this series from James Boice, Philip Ryken, and Donald Barnhouse, we learn from Jesus, Jonah and Habakkuk what it means to give thanks in all things. Giving thanks when you're sitting down to a nice fish dinner is one thing. Giving thanks when you're trapped in the belly of a fish is quite another! Habakkuk addresses such timeless things as living in a world of wickedness and injustice, and finding joy and strength in a relationship with the Lord.

4 messages on 2 CDs