Hymns of Prayer (CD)

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A beautiful collection of 14 hymns authored by Rev. Eric J. Alexander, composed by Dr. Paul S. Jones and performed by the Philadelphia Chamber Choir.  
The titles include:
  1. O Lord God, How Great Your Mercy
  2. Jehovah Is My Shepherd True
  3. King of Glory
  4. My Gracious Lord, Your Love Is Vast
  5. Send Down Your Spirit, Lord
  6. What Manner of Love
  7. Lord, We Bow Before Your Glory
  8. A Prayer of Approach to God
  9. Sovereign Lord of All Creation
  10. Almighty God, We Come to You
  11. Lord Jesus Christ, How Far You Came
  12. Mighty God and Gracious Saviour
  13. Teach Us to Pray
  14. Amen in D