Gender, Sexuality, and What It Means to Be Human (MP3 disc)

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Blue Ridge Bible Conference 2019

Is gender a social construct? Is it possible to be a gay Christian? How should Christians respond to transgenderism and homosexuality? Does the Church have good news for those wrestling with their sexual identity? This audio set examines the challenges which accompany the current confusion over gender. Where did all this confusion come from? How will these cultural changes impact the Church's ministry? Listen to how the Bible shapes our understanding of human identity, gender, and sexual ethics, and consider how the Church can offer the Gospel to those who are struggling.

The 5 messages of Gender, Sexuality, and What It Means to Be Human include:

  • "Plastic People in a Liquid World, Part One,” by Carl Trueman
  • "A Biblical View of Sex, Sexuality, and Gender” by Tim Geiger
  • "Plastic People in a Liquid World Part Two" by Carl Trueman
  • "A Better Story” by Todd Pruitt
  • "Can You Be a Gay Christian?” by Tim Geiger