Covenant Theology 101 (mp3 download Set)

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Daniel Hyde

What is the Lord promising through His covenants? To be known, and that we will be known by Him. Relationship with the infinite God is what covenant theology is all about. Through His covenants, God defines what He wants our relationship with Him to look like. Disobedience brings spiritual and physical death. Obedience brings justification and life. The story of a covenant is the story of how humanity falls short, yet God remains gracious. His steadfast love endures forever. If you trust a biblical, covenantal hope, you trust that which is certain—that God will keep His promises.

The Living Word series highlights contemporary preaching and teaching from today’s leading pastors and theologians. It is a production of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals featuring Alliance Scholars expositing the Word of God for today’s Church.   The 10 messages of Covenant Theology 101 include:

• Our Covenant God

• The Covenant in the Time of Abraham

• Our Relationship with God

• The Covenant in the Time of Moses

• The Covenant of Works with Adam

• The Covenant in the Time of David

• The Mother Promise?

• The Promise of the New Covenant  

• The Covenant in the Time of Noah

• The Consummation of the Covenant


(10 mp3 downloads)