Called to Be Scattered (mp3 Download Set)

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Texas Hill Country Bible Conference 2016

Called to Be Scattered

In our busy modern world, many of us want nothing more than to slow down and live quiet, private lives. But in Scripture, God has called His people to do just the opposite, to spread His Kingdom to the ends of the earth. Why do the Scriptures call us to this end? How can each of us follow this path day by day? These messages will highlight various aspects of missions, reflecting on God’s call and our duty, the example of Christ as missionary, and God’s all encompassing plan for His people to be scattered.

The 5 messages of Called to Be Scattered include:

• “God’s People Scattered at Creation” by Richard Pratt

• “Jesus the Missionary” by Richard Phillips

• “God’s People Scattered in Abraham” by Richard Pratt

• “Jesus’ Mission to the World” by Richard Phillips

• “God’s People Scattered in Christ” by Richard Pratt

(5 mp3 downloads)