Philip Ryken

  • The Prayer of Our Lord (Paperback)

    The Prayer of Our Lord (Paperback)

    The Lord's Prayer, the greatest prayer in the Bible, comes from the heart of the Savior, the Son of God, to his Heavenly Father. It is proclaimed at celebrations, cried in times of war, whispered in the face of death. In a society where people are...
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  • My Father's World (Paperback)

    My Father's World (Paperback)

    In this volume on meditations on Christianity and culture, Philip Ryken shares that what we believe shapes the way we live. The way we live reveals our convictions about God, the world, and our place in it. We see many happy reminders that our Father...
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    Luke, 2 Volume Set (Hardcover)

    Luke, 2 Volume Set (Hardcover)

    Written after Jesus' earthly ministry had come to an end, when word of his teachings and actions had spread to those who had never seen him firsthand, Luke is "the Gospel of Knowing for Sure." Luke tells us that he wanted to provide an orderly account of...
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  • Loving the Way Jesus Loves (Paperback)

    Loving the Way Jesus Loves (Paperback)

    Most people are familiar with the "Love Chapter" of the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13, yet Phil Ryken has something fresh to say. Drawing on the life and ministry of Jesus to illustrate what love is and isn't, Ryken brings a unique perspective to this commonly...
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  • Loving Jesus More (Paperback)

    Loving Jesus More (Paperback)

    Description: Do you love Jesus more than your spouse? Your reputation? Your kids? Your health? Your job? Your money? As Christians, we're called to love Jesus more than anyone or anything else. But do we really do this? Emphasizing that God's love for...
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  • Kingdom, Come! (Paperback)

    Kingdom, Come! (Paperback)

    What are you hoping in? Is it a job? Money? Your family? What are you going to do when you get laid off, the money runs out, or your loved ones pass away? In Kingdom, Come!, Phil Ryken encourages us to focus our hope on one fact we can absolutely depend...
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  • King Solomon (Paperback) (Print on Demand only)

    King Solomon (Paperback) (Print on Demand only)

    King Solomon had all the fame and fortune that any man could want. He was the world's wisest and wealthiest king. And yet, tragically, he threw it all away for the love of money, the pleasures of sex, and the powers of an earthly kingdom. In studying the...
  • Is Jesus the Only Way (Paperback)

    Is Jesus the Only Way (Paperback)

    We’ve all heard people say it: “The problem with Christians is that they think Jesus is the only way to heaven.” Even reason says: We go to the college of our choice, watch the cable channel of our choice, and eat the food of our choice...
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