Kingdom, Come! (Paperback)

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Philip Ryken

What are you hoping in? Is it a job? Money? Your family? What are you going to do when you get laid off, the money runs out, or your loved ones pass away? In Kingdom, Come!, Phil Ryken encourages us to focus our hope on one fact we can absolutely depend on: Jesus is coming soon! Full of personal stories and insightful meditations on Scripture, this book will help you persevere through hard times by looking to the glorious future that awaits all who trust in Christ and long for his kingdom.

Pages: 144

Publication Date: September 2013

Topic: Christian Living

Table of Contents:
1. The Kingdom is Near
2. Mine is the Kingdom
3. Thy Kingdom Come
4. The Forever Kingdom
5. Missing the Kingdom
6. Proclaiming the Kingdom
7. When the Kingdom Doesn’t Come
8. When the Kingdom Comes