Biblical vs. Pagan Cosmology (CD Set)

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Human Sexuality Conference 2016

Biblical vs. Pagan Cosmology
Paul employs careful theological logic in Romans 1 to show how homosexuality
is part of the worship of creation. These messages by Peter Jones will
examine this careful logic over against the charges of Romans 1 being “pesky”
or “clobber” texts. As the contemporary evangelical church is tempted to
compromise with vague, emotive notions like Jesus’ message of “wide exclusivity,”
and ignorantly adopts the contemporary pagan notion of “binarybusting,”
the church must affirm the cosmological significance of Twoism
both for theology and sexuality.

The 2 messages of Biblical vs. Pagan Cosmology, the pre-conference to the Sex,
Sin, and Salvation conference, include:
• “Pagan Cosmology: Homosexuality”
• “Biblical Cosmology: Heterosexuality”

(2 messages on 2 CDs)