The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century Anthology (USB drive)

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The Westminster Confession Into the 21st Century

The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century Anthology

The Riches of Our Theological Heritage 2004 Theology for Today 2005 The Law of God in Personal and Public Life 2006 Systematic Theology: Informing Your Life in Christ 2007 Christ, the Prophet 2008 Christ, the Priest 2009 Christ Our King 2010 Preaching 2011 Redemptive-Historical Themes 2012 The Second Table of the Law and Everyday Life in Christ 2013 The Law of God 2014 Experiencing the Fullness of Our Union with Christ 2015 The Comfort of the Church: God’s Most Wise and Holy Providence 2016 Post Tenebras Lux: Celebrating 500 Years of Martin Luther’s Influence 2017 Soundly Preaching the Word of God 2018 The Synods of Dort and the Doctrines of Grace 2019

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The Westminster Confession in the 21st Century is an annual international conference on the work of the Westminster Assembly hosted by the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA.