The Doctrines of Grace (QCRT16)(mp3 downloads)

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Quakertown Conference on Reformed Theology 2016

The Doctrines of Grace

Total Depravity. Unconditional Election. Limited Atonement. Irresistible Grace. Perseverance of the Saints. Reformed theology or Calvinism, known popularly by the TULIP acrostic. In 1996, as James Boice led a gathering of theologians and pastors in the development of what became known as the Cambridge Declaration, the statement they developed called the church to repent of its worldliness and to return to the same commitment that marked Protestant Reformers like Martin Luther and John Calvin. “These truths we affirm not because of their role in our traditions,” the Cambridge Declaration reads, “but because we believe they are central to the Bible.”


The 8 messages of The Doctrines of Grace include:

• “Total Depravity” by Joel Beeke

• “Unconditional Election” by Tony Merida

• “Limited Atonement” by Anthony Carter

• “Irresistible Grace” by Joel Beeke

• “Perseverance of the Saints” by Anthony Carter

• “Preaching the Cross” by Tony Merida

• “How the Civil War Changed the Way You Read the Bible” by Richard Taylor

• “Grace and Assurance” by Timothy Witmer

(8 mp3 downloads)