Why We're Protestant: A Reformation 500 Declaration (PDF Download)

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Daniel Hyde

Throughout the ages, God-fearing men have bravely spoken-out against doctrinal and moral error from within the Church. But simply protesting what is wrong and what you don’t believe is not enough—we need to know what we do believe and why we believe it. In this volume, Danny Hyde delves into what made Reformed Protestants distinct, and why we should still cherish those distinctives 500 years after the Reformation. In the words of the author: "We should not simply remember and celebrate the past; we must also recommit ourselves to who we are and what we are praying for: the Lord’s reviving grace in His continual work during the next five hundred years."

Pages: 48
Publication Date: April 2018
Topic: Catholic, Protestant, Reformed

Table of Contents:

1. We’re Reformed Catholics
2. We’re Founded on Scripture
3. We’re Saved by Jesus Alone
4. We’re Already Justified
5. We’re Assured of Salvation