The Practice of Confessional Subscription (Paperback)

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David Hall
Covenant Foundation


The following pages should be viewed as a debate. Let the debate begin with this proposition: Resolved: The church is healthiest which knows what it believes, has such beliefs coded in a confession, and formally has a sturdy mechanism for perpetuating such orthodoxy. The churches growing out of the Reformation relied-in part-on confessional subscription to accomplish the final part of that resolution, and before jettisoning such, that tradition should be thoroughly examined and repudiated before rejecting any portion of it. Thus, the burden of proof, in light of the history of this question, is on those who wish to dismiss confessional subscription.  This book includes what the earliest thinkers on this topic thought.

Publication Date: 1997
Topic: subscription, PCA, creeds, confessions, doctrine
Page Number: 339


"The Single Best Book on Confessional Subscription" — R. Scott Clark

"This is a timely and fascinating book. I heartily recommend it." — G.I. Williamson

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: On the Hermeneutics of Subscription — David Hall
  2. Biblical and Pastoral Basis for Creeds and Confessions — Robert Rayburn
  3. Confessional Subscription Among the Sixteenth Century Reformers — Peter Lilback
  4. Subscription in the Dutch Reformed Tradition — W. Robert Godfrey
  5. Owning the Confession: Subscription in the Scottish Presbyterian Tradition — J. Ligon Duncan
  6. The Constitutional History of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America — Charles Hodge
  7. Subscription to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms — George Knight III
  8. The Samuel Hemphill Heresy Case (1735) and the Historical Method of Subscribing to the Westminster Standards — William S. Barker
  9. The Doctrinal Contents of Confession — Robert Dabney
  10. The Case for Full Subscription — Morton H. Smith
  11. A Peaceable Plea about Subscription: Toward Avoiding Future Divisions — James E. Urish
  12. Honest Subscription: Old Princeton Seminary and Subscription to the Westminster Standards — David B. Calhoun
  13. Creed Subscription to the Presbyterian Church in the USA — John Murray
  14. Re-examining the Re-examiners of the Adopting Act — David Hall
  15. The Church's Power: It's relation to Subscription — T. David Gordon
  16. Confidence in Our Brethren: Creedal Subscription in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church — John Muether
  17. Practical Benefits and Dangers of Subscription — L. Roy. Taylor