Solitude Improved by Divine Meditation (Paperback)

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Nathanael Ranew
Soli Deo Gloria

Is it possible to be least alone when we are most alone?
A scarce book by a little-known Puritan, Solitude Improved by Divine Meditation was widely read and loved in its day. The premise of the book is that Christians should never waste time when they are alone, for they could spend that time meditating on God. Ranew covers what meditation is, that it is a duty for every Christian, how Christians can go about that duty, and how meditation is a spiritual pleasure.
“Meditation stands between the two ordinances of [Bible] reading and praying, as the grand improver of the former and the high quickener of the latter, to furnish the mind with choice materials for prayer and to fill the heart with holy fervency in it.” —Nathanael Ranew


Nathanael Ranew (ca. 1602–1677) was a graduate of Cambridge University and served congregations in Felsted and Billericay, England.