Sanctification (eBooklet)

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Jeffrey Stivason

"God doth not as Pharaoh, bid us do our work, and we must gather straw ourselves; but he bids us do, and quickens us by his Spirit, and enables us to do." —Richard Sibbes

Those who are in Christ have been justified before God. But salvation means much more; it means that we are sanctified, that God actually leads us into holiness. As Michael Allen and company explain, our holiness is carried out in the present work of our sovereign, loving God. In Christ we are given life, not simply in name, but in fact.

Praise the Lord, who delivers His children through every weakness. Though you struggle with sin, do not be discouraged; it is God who works in you, "both to will and to work for his good pleasure" (Phil. 2:13). 

Pages: 28
Publication Date: March 2019
Topic: Christian Living, Sanctification 

Table of Contents: 
1. Sanctification (an Interview with Michael Allen)
2. Union with Christ by John Hartley
3. A Grammar Lesson by Tim Bertolet
4. Already Made Holy by David P. Smith
5. Holy Faith by Patrick Ramsey
6. What About God's Holiness? by Jeffrey Stivason