Jeremiah, Volume 2: A Nation at Risk (mp3 Download Set)

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Philip Ryken

Jeremiah Volume 2: a Nation at Risk
Jeremiah witnessed the devastating consequences of life without God. Sadly, the relativism Jeremiah saw in ancient Israel predominates in America today. That’s why his words are so relevant for our lives. Better than anyone else, Jeremiah exemplifies through his courage, passion, even his sufferings, how believers can live for God in a society that has turned against Him.
 The 8 messages of Jeremiah, Volume 2: A Nation At Risk include:

•  ”At the Crossroads”

•  “What the Church Needs Now is Reformation!”

•  “The Family at Worship”

•  “The Valley of Slaughter”

•  “Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth”

•  “There is a Balm in Gilead”

•  “Something to Boast About”

•  “The Scarecrow in the Melon Patch”

(8 mp3 downloads)

Philip Graham Ryken, the Bible teacher of Every Last Word radio and internet broadcasts, focuses on teaching the whole Bible to change your whole life. Dr. Ryken also serves as President of Wheaton College. His books include: The Heart of the Cross (with Dr. James Boice), City on a Hill: The Biblical Pattern for the Church in the 21st Century, Jeremiah and Lamentations, and Loving the Way Jesus Loves. Every Last Word can be heard online, anytime, at