Genesis, Volume 14 (mp3 downloads)

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James Boice

Genesis has the marks of a tremendous novel. From creation to the fall, the curse of Cain to the promise of the rainbow. This study of Genesis focuses on God’s relationship to the cosmos and all peoples on earth; traces the “new beginning” of God’s redemption plan arising out of His relationship with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; and follows the complete story of Joseph, a “man for all seasons.”

The 8 messages of Genesis: Volume 14 include:

• “Sins of the Fathers” Genesis 26:1-35

• “The Stolen Blessing” Genesis 27:1-40

• “Ordinary People” Genesis 27:41-28:9

• “The Gate of Heaven” Genesis 28:10-19

• “Noble Jacob!” Genesis 28:20-22

• “School of Hard Knocks” Genesis 29:1-30

• “The River Widens” Genesis 29:31-30:24

• “Jacob’s Wages” Genesis 30:35-43


(8 messages on mp3 files)