Genesis 1-3 and the Importance of the Historicity of Adam (CD Set)

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BB Warfield Memorial Lecture Series

This B.B. Warfield Memorial Lecture Series, Genesis 1–3 and the Importance of the Historicity of Adam, explores the teaching of Scripture on the nature of the historical Adam and his significance for understanding all of redemptive history. In four sessions, Reformed Theological Seminary professor John Currid discusses the significance and role that a proper understanding of Genesis 1-3 and a historical Adam has on our redemption in Christ.

This CD set includes four messages:

  • Creation of Mankind (Genesis 1-2)
  • Fall of Mankind (Genesis 3:1-13)
  • Redemption of Mankind (Genesis 3:14-24)
  • Glorification of Mankind (Revelation 21-22)