Desiring God (mp3 Download Set)

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Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 1994


“You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”
St. Augustine

These messages explore the proper God-given hunger of the human soul for things higher, finer and more satisfying than the cheap lures of our secular culture — indeed, the hunger of the soul for God. The main focus is corporate worship — who we worship, how we should worship, the ways in which we often fail to worship, and worship as the chief end of man.
The 6 messages of Desiring God include:

  • “What is Worship?” by Eric Alexander
  • “Who do We Worship?” by Robert Godfrey
  • “Where is the Lamb? by James Boice
  • “Failures in Worship” by Michael Horton
  • “Thirsting for God” by Eric Alexander
  • “Worship, the Chief End of Man” by Robert Godfrey

(6 mp3 Downloads)

The Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology is the longest running national Reformed conference. It was started in 1974 by Dr. James Boice. It exists to glorify God through a rediscovery of the Church’s great doctrinal foundations.