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Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 1982

Come, Change Our World
Revival! Christians desire and pray for revival in today’s church and culture.
But where does it come from and how does it start? What elements are
necessary if we are to see true revival and a proper accompanying reformation
of society? This series examines the topics of prayer, preaching, witnessing
and repentance and their role in true revival.
The 7 messages of Come, Change Our World include:

• “Revival and Today’s Church” by R.C. Sproul
• “Prayer: The Prelude to Revival” by Roger Nicole
• “Preaching: The Means for Revival” by John deWitt
• “Witnessing: The Progress of Revival” by James Boice
• “Reformation: The Impact of Revival” by John Gerstner
• “Repentance: The Fruit of Revival” by Edmund Clowney
• “Worship: The Glory of Revival” by Eric Alexander

(7 mp3 Downloads)

The Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology
is the longest running national Reformed conference. It
was started in 1974 by Dr. James Boice. It exists to glorify
God through a rediscovery of the Church’s great doctrinal