James Boice

  • Genesis, Volume 1: Genesis 1-11 (Paperback)

    Genesis, Volume 1: Genesis 1-11 (Paperback)

    What can we gain from studying the Book of Genesis? According to James Montgomery Boice, starting at the beginning of everything causes us to think about God and to understand ourselves as fallen, yet redeemable. This knowledge not only deepens our...
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  • 2019 Version

    Foundations of the Christian Faith (Hardcover)

    In one systematic volume, James Montgomery Boice provides a readable overview of Christian theology. Both students and pastors will benefit from this rich source that covers all the major doctrines of Christianity.With scholarly rigor and a pastor's...
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    The Epistles of John (Paperback)

    The Epistles of John (Paperback)

    The three letters of John found near the end of the New Testament have a tendency to be oversimplified or simply overlooked in the study of the Scriptures. However, though these letters may on the surface seem less applicable to our time because they...
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  • Daniel (Paperback)

    Daniel (Paperback)

    Through Daniel's visions and experiences as an exile in Babylon, the Book of Daniel gives us a clearer understanding of history than any other part of the Bible. Daniel also makes it clear that God is in control of all human events that have unfolded or...
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  • Acts (Paperback)

    Acts (Paperback)

    "There's nothing today's church needs so much as to rediscover the doctrine, spirit, and commitments of the early Christian community," writes James Montgomery Boice. The power the early church exhibited for changes and growth is overwhelming. Although...
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  • 14 Words From Jesus (Paperback)

    14 Words From Jesus (Paperback)

    These inspirational readings probe Christ's seven words from the cross and equally significant, seven words from the risen Lord, after his death. These words highlight the glory of Calvary, the heart of God and how wonderfully Jesus understood that his...
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  • Ephesians (Paperback)

    Ephesians (Paperback)

    According to James Montgomery Boice, Paul's great letter to the Ephesians is "a mini-course in theology, centered on the church." Writing to the church in a city much like modern-day New York, Paul laid out his mature vision of the Christian faith's...
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    Christ's Call to Discipleship (Paperback)

    Christ's Call to Discipleship (Paperback)

    Boice describes what it means to live a life of true discipleship-recognizing Christ's dominion not only as Savior but also as Lord. Popular radio speaker, author, and pastor James Montgomery Boice describes what it means to live a life of true...
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  • Jesus on Trial (Paperback)

    Jesus on Trial (Paperback)

    Trials are compelling. Justice in the hands of ordinary citizens-??prosecutors, defendants, and witnesses trading rousing testimony and arguments. Yet the most spell-binding legal drama of all time - ??the sensational trials of Christ before the Jews and...
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