The Atonement in Christian Thought (mp3 Disc)

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The Atonement in Christian Thought

The cross of Christ casts its shadow over all of human history. And while the New Testament teaches clear doctrine regarding the blood of God’s Son, the subject itself involves the most majestic mystery. It is no wonder that through the centuries, the Christian Church has wrestled with the atoning work of Christ, sometimes obscuring and sometimes highlighting the precious saving truths. The Atonement in Christian Thought series travels down this road with Christians of prior generations. How has the Church learned to understand the blood of Christ? What pitfalls have made the way difficult? What breakthroughs have opened the way for truth? What does this theological history tell us about God’s gift of His Son on the cross?

• The Early Church Reflection by Derek Thomas

• The Medieval Achievement: Anselm vs Albelard by Philip Ryken

• The Reformation Consensus by Robert Godfrey

• Post-Reformation Developments by Carl Trueman

(4 mp3 files on 1 CD)