Worthy is the Lamb (mp3 download Set)

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James Boice and Philip Ryken

Worthy is the Lamb

When you think of Easter, do you think of the cross? Well, Jesus Christ and His work upon that cross are worthy of our worship and praise. However, it is the story of Jesus dead, entombed, and resurrected that represents the full picture of what we are to know. Many shortchange Jesus’ significance by not telling or believing in His complete work. It is only those components, told together, that represent the true work of God.
The 4 messages of Worthy is the Lamb include:

•  “An Easter Sermon for Unbelievers” by James Boice

•  “The Easter Sermon that Won 3,000 Souls” by James Boice

•  “Worthy is the Lamb” by Philip Ryken

•  “Proof Positive” by Philip Ryken

(4 mp3 downloads)