Why These Books and no Others? Exploring the Origins of the New Testament Canon (mp3 Disc)

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Michael Kruger
B.B. Warfield Memorial Lecture Series 2017


Why These Books and no Others? Exploring The Origins of The New Testament Canon

Why is it that Christians have exactly 27 books in their New Testament canon? Why not 26 or 28? What do we do with so-called “lost” books that never made it into the canon? And can we really trust the historical process that brought these books together into a single volume? In this series of lectures, Dr. Michael Kruger, a leading scholar on the development and transmission of the New Testament canon, explores the New Testament’s origins and reliability.

This 4 message set includes:

• The Origins of the Canon: Why Did the Early Church Develop a Canon of Scripture?

• The Date of Canon: When Were the New Testament Books First Regarded as Scripture?

• The Contenders for Canon: Were There any Apocryphal Books That Almost Made it into the Canon?

• The Artifacts of Canon: Manuscripts as a Window into the Development of the New Testament.

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(4 mp3 files on 1 CD)