Whom Do I Trust? (CD Set)

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Daniel Hyde

Pious Christians struggling with how to cope with suffering often turn to the story of Job, only to find little to no comfort. That’s because Job is not about “why do I suffer?” but “when I suffer whose wisdom do I trust: mine or God’s?” That’s a different question and it produces a different answer. In this 9-part series of messages, we are empowered to face sufferings and trials of various kinds, trusting our all-righteous, all-powerful, and all-wise Triune God saying, “The Lord gives, the Lord takes, blessed be the name of the Lord!”

Whom Do I Trust: Job includes 9 messages:

  • A Man Named Job
  • Job's Agony
  • With Friends Like These
  • The Prosperity Gospel Offers No Comfort
  • More Man-Centered Counsel
  • When Your Friends Are Miserable Comforters
  • Oh That I Had One to Hear Me
  • When the Lord Speaks
  • The Lord Blessed the Latter Days of Job More

The Living Word series highlights contemporary preaching and teaching from today’s leading pastors and theologians. It is a production of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals featuring Alliance Scholars expositing the Word of God for today’s Church.

(9 messages on 5 CDs)