What is the Church? (mp3 Download Set)

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Washington Conference on the Christian Life 2011

What is the Church?
We use “Church” to refer to all kinds of things, from the mundane to the religious, yet Scripture often employs it in terms of the highest and most intimate relationship we can have with God - “the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12). We often fail to grasp the Church’s enduring status, life and mission because we have forgotten whom God intended her to be. We have a pressing need to return to biblical foundations while taking account of where we are and where we are going as a Church, so that we can live more faithfully as the body of Christ and find our health as Christians within her life.

The 5 messages of What is the Church? include:
• “What is the Church?” by Michael Horton
• “The Church Universal: Till Every Knee Shall Bow” by Robert Norris
• “The Church in America Today: Cinderella with Amnesia” by Robert Norris
• “The Church and the Christian Life” by Greg Gilbert
• “The Church and the Future” by Michael Horton

(5 mp3 downloads)