The Trustworthiness of God (Paperback)

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Carl Trueman

While few Christian thinkers would question the trustworthiness of God, this topic is key for understanding the divine nature and God's revelation to the world. The Trustworthiness of God offers a comprehensive look at the theme of God's faithfulness, exploring the relationship between the doctrines of God and of Scripture from every possible perspective. Addressed to a wide readership, this volume offers fresh, at times inspiring, insights into the nature of the God portrayed in the Bible.

Publication Date: 2002

Topic: God, trustworthiness, faithfulness, Scripture,

Table of Contents:

  1.  A Faithful God Who Does No Wrong: History, Theology, and Reliability in Deuteronomy - J. Gary Millar
  2. Divine Speech and the Book of Jeremiah - Gordon McConville
  3. Lying Spirits Sent by God? The Case of Micaiah's Prophecy - P. J. Williams
  4. Jesus and Scripture - Donald Macleod
  5. Let God be Proved True: Paul's View of Scripture and the Faithfulness of God - Drake Williams
  6. God and Scripture in Hebrews - David Peterson
  7. Paul's Literal Interpretation of Do Not Muzzle the Ox - David Instone-Brewer
  8. The Church Fathers and Their Use of Scripture - Gerald Bray
  9. The God of Unconditional Promise - Carl R. Trueman
  10. The Diversity and Sufficiency of Scripture - Timothy Ward
  11. Towards Trust - Stephen Williams
  12. The Perfect Trustworthiness of God - Paul Helm
  13. A Realist Conception of Revelation - Sebastian Rehnman
  14. Trinity and Trustworthiness - Calvin Gunton
  15. An Evangelical Response - Francis Watson

 Paul Helm is the JI Packer Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia. He is also the author of The Providence of God and Faith and Understanding.

Carl Trueman is associate professor of church history and historical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is also the author of Luther's Legacy and Reformation: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. 

Number of Pages: 289